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About Us

Designing for a mindset.

B L A N K B Y M E is a street wear brand inspired by comfort, coolness and caring. Every garment has a purpose

 The universe of B L A N K B Y M E is bold and fashion is political.  Style does not have to be sacrificed for sustainability. 

We are a young, ethical street-wear brand for the optimists of today that believe in making the world a better place by changing our consumer habitsWe take pride in contributing to a positive future for the fashion industry.

Our launch collection is a geometric play on black and white, on negative spaces. The fabric used is lyocell, a sustainable, carbon neutral cellulose based fabric which is engineered from Eucalyptus and Beech tree farms which are renewable and fast growing. Thanks to this amazing fabric, the garments have a perfectly sumptuous, gentle drape and touch that makes for the softest garments in the world. The production is done in Portugal, which insures a non-exploitative production and reduces  CO2 impact by keeping the production more locally located; in Europe.
B L A N K B Y M E is committed to improving with every Edition. We are committed to producing each collection:
*  With good working conditions for the workers which is insured by producing in Europe and to expand outside of the E.U. to help create labour and with E.U.standards.
*  With respect for the environment :
Primarily by using lyocell fabric :
- natural fiber made from the wood pulp of sustainable tree farming. The production process is non- toxic, and is able to be re-used over and over again due to a technique called ‘closed loop’ spinning.
-    It’s biodegradable
*  By offsetting our CO2 impact by planting tress with every order.
*  By using positive imagery to promote a healthy and inclusive environment for women of all ages, sizes and identities.
*   By continuing to improve each season:
We wish to continually seek to push ourselves into being a completely 100 % moral and sustainable company in every aspect of the industry; from what we design to how it's produced and distributed.
Our next objective: To make all our packaging biodegradable and to continue to seek the use of fair trade and sustainable non toxic printing methods. 
We can all  get involved by watching what we buy and becoming a responsible and conscious consumer. Thanks to you, B L A N L K B Y M E will be able to plant one tree with every order. These donations will allow us to work with local communities and plant trees enabling the restoration of their environments and to collectively build the sustainable future.

It's that Simple.
      We are  B L A N K B Y M E.  
#No labelling   #Feminism   #Fairtrade   #Slow fashion  #All inclusive
#Timeless pieces  #Sustainable style  #Min. Waste Production
#Positive Female imagery  #Ethically produced in Europe 
#Plant a tree with each purchase